Hearts Set Ablaze

by Jon Corbin

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Hearts Set Ablaze is an inspirational three-track spoken word/hip hop project centered on “spurring people to good deeds” (Hebrews 10:24).

Jon encourages the listener to be a source of positive change in their communities (“Let Me Be The Spark”). Jon also reflects on the people who sparked his journey (“Spark The Flame”), and then makes playful reference to inspirational figure Denzel Washington (“Denzealots“). Born from a thankful heart from those who inspired him, Jon communicates his desire to pay it forward.


released March 7, 2017

Let Me Be the Spark:


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LSTNFND Music Toronto, Ontario

LSTNFND Music (“Lost and Found”) is a Toronto-based urban record label.

We are former lost ones who were found by Christ. Now, we’re on a mission to spread the Good News through our music and lifestyle.

LSTNFND is the home of Jeremy Rodney-Hall, Orijin and Mark Durksen.
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Track Name: Let Me Be the Spark
To the suburban Christian working fervently on a mission
Eagerly Building a house but forgot about fishin'
Let me be the spark

To the student who is anxiety fluent
Desires improvement, got talent but no movement
I can't claim perfection but I can model actions that are prudent
Let me be the spark

To the brother who says, Jon I want a better marriage but it's hard to live sacrificial with the baggage that we're carrying. I believe the Love of God can inspire you to care again. Maybe I can help you start, let me be the spark.

To rappers in the Body who think unity Is the hardest
And loathe those who viciously stick to the comfortable artists
Debating content, method or sound but miss the heart. It's
Sad because By now we should know where Appeasing Pharisees leads - darkness
Pray for Faith, Pray for grace for those whose hearts are hardened
A plan to work together let's get started
Let me be the spark.

Keep my interest balanced in cornucopia
The only thing I really fear is Islamophobia
Or the invisible hand of supremacy controlling ya
Entertained in your chair until apathy takes hold of ya
Justice calls, a brother can't hold it in!
Refresh the perspective ‘til your hope starts to glow again
Let me be the spark!

I'm Expressing in new forms but I ain't forgot about the rhythm
I ain't forgot about the roots
Organically produced
Boom bap the soil, Spirit revealing fruit ‘til things Come Alive
Now I stand with new groups
Game Theory to Rise Up to the challenge
New paths, new directions, new routes
When things fall apart? Shoot!
Let me be the spark!

Let's get creative
Let’s stay with this, patient, but gadfly to complacence
Please don't kill my vibe, because the One who made me made this
This vision give me conniptions
No longer sittin'
I ain't asking for an increase in position...
Just let me be the spark
Track Name: Spark the Flame (feat. Sintax the Terrific & Earlybird)
Keep on walking day by day
With enough light in me to spark that flame
We can spark the flame x4

[Verse 1 (Jon Corbin)]
Consider this heart set ablaze
I’m amazed at the change
Protest to praise
Like power chords from a Springsteen stage
I’m on fire with sparks from my blessed teen days

Far from a fresh man as a freshman
Parents divorced here comes depression
No space to concentrate on lessons
A light in the dark my teacher was a spark

Questions led to confession
Led to regression of the repression
Counseling sessions brand new expression
Caring souls that made their impression

Junior year sort of progressing
Pastor’s here teaching me lessons
Art and faith and true intercession
Quality time yes it’s refreshing

Paid my way for a church procession
New York City and a new direction
About to surprise me the Spirit inside me rising
Flick of a match & the flame grew high

I fully admit to being conglomerate
Composite grace gifts and warm words
Even if my rhymes are sound bombing it
For everything I spit believe there’s more heard
For every word I spit it comes from more heard

[Verse 2 (Sintax The Terrific)]
Sitting at a Steinway dreaming that I could play
Imaginary pressing the keys my hands quake
Playing air piano ivory skip there’s no break
Pumping this foot pedal sound that I fake

Hammer to these vocal chord notes on parade
Tuning fork the pitch to a commensurate rate
Like Chopin leaking out hands to escape
Channeling my very best Ray Charles shake

Imitate a great player this minor to major
Octave running these scales inhale the vapors
I need a savior fully conformed behavior
Fully mourned and torn until I’m born to a new nature

It starts with a care until it sparks something there
Reformed prayer all consuming till the flames burn bare
Cuz I want this to be a nightmare of forest fire
Dare myself to walk perspired this tight wire

Every step to feel dire last meal or funeral pyre
No retreat no retire gonna cheat how hell conspires
What starts in a match ends in third degree
One note one key into a full blown symphony
Track Name: Denzealots (feat. Es)
[Verse 1 (Es)]
Rap's giant in my own right is what I'm planning
Flip through the "playbook of Eli" substitute the boy and put the man in (Manning)
The epitome of grown man rap no wearing candid
On my sleeve, I conceal heat like "American Gangsters"

Forever prepped for a rainy day, or when the clouds are crazy grey
Success I warrant like Macy Gray up in "Training Day"
Es, "He Got Game", this "Man on Fire"!
Reality trying to get a grip like my hand on a pliers

I squeeze... many ounces of my being into my craft
Trying to draft the illest draughts so I could see some skrill or cash
My climb's been exponential and "Unstoppable"
On the "Inside Man", I feel I've got a lot to prove

"Hard Lessons" that I've learned on my come up have helped me come away
A victor... with the most vivid of pictures of a sunny day
With me in it... non-believers try hard to mock me
Next life I pray for a “Carbon Copy”

Inspire them, never tiring
The tool we use is the vibe within
Some dudes they choose verbal violence
We quiet them with the groove and take Flight again

[Verse 2 (Jon Corbin)]
About to bust a Lincoln Rhyme here we go
Take it back to the days of the Tribe - Steve Biko
Jake Shuttlesworth doing time - shoot free throws
Praying like Malcolm and grind for my people!

So many fight for Power and Glory
When love is a Flight to rewrite A Soldier’s Story
Remember me? I’m just a Titan fighting
Riot like Spike to incite the Right Thing

You go getters for mo' cheddar there's Mo’ Betta
Even when the future looks Bleek
Gilliam I'm hitting drums, man you better give me some
Rain like Hurricanes, I'm here all week

Now Jon could play Creasy or Q and stand furious
Or be the Candidate for change - Manchurian
So side eye me like I'm out my mind
I'm Matt Whitlocking til I'm Out of Time

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