In Good Hands

by Orijin

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“In Good Hands”, the second full-length offering from MC-producer duo Orijin and Q, explores the universal yearning for hope and how true hope, once grasped, manifests in life and action.

Over the span of nine soulful, energetic and melodic songs, Q skillfully lays the musical foundation for Orijin to lyrically unpack the meaning of hope and challenge listeners to live fully rooted in confident faith.


released October 28, 2014


all rights reserved



LSTNFND Music Toronto, Ontario

LSTNFND Music (“Lost and Found”) is a Toronto-based urban record label.

We are former lost ones who were found by Christ. Now, we’re on a mission to spread the Good News through our music and lifestyle.

LSTNFND is the home of Jeremy Rodney-Hall, Orijin and Mark Durksen.
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Track Name: Esperanza
What guarantee can tomorrow give me today?
Homie, it’s hard really to say.
Feels like this life is a probability game
And the odds of winning
are slim as a lottery ticket, dang..
No matter the dollars and property you attain
How flawless of an image, how popular of a name
These objects that we longing for all eventually fade
Like everything that flows from my heart is really in vain
Or do I just need a broader vision and aim
Not a comforting crutch
but the substance for which we’re made
My inner whispers are pointing to something greater
The cure to fill a heart with a void the size of a crater
So gear up, we got a mountain to climb
Any excuses, boot em right out of your mind
See I don’t care if you’re scared
Or say you’re not spiritual
Your hope is too small if it don’t demand a miracle

Hope requires that faith and action must coincide
Recall when Jesus invited Peter to join his side
Walking on the water,
I wonder if I would mobilize
Or give a cold reply, like
“I think I’ll stick in the boat this time”
Jokes aside, it ain’t enough to think thoughts
Can’t write my story
If I never let the ink drop
Can’t make a journey
Without ever stepping down the path
Doubt is whack but has the power to turn a coward back
Knowledge of hope guards my mind like a shower cap
Belt of truth strapped in,
Blazin’ til we out of gas
When they see the blessings
Flowing through our mouths and acts
Homie I ain’t boastin’,
I just show ‘em where the fountain at
I pray to keep that at the heart of this ministry
Each line of mine plays a part in a bigger scheme
To share the hope that’s been given me
After all, every forest had to start with a single seed

Hope is... a haven, offering people empathy
Reach through a beef
Showin’ peace to its enemies
Speaks truth to peeps who in deep rooted misery
Where grief looms,
Seeds bloom and reap fruit eventually
Hope is...assurance of purpose amidst the hurtin
A person observin’ a certain worth in the worst occurrence
At its purest, hope is fervent, and lifts up burdens
never passive but actually active practicin’ service
Wanna know the secret ingredients to make it flourish?
A cup of love,
A pinch of pain
A dash of courage
See hope is not concerned with avoiding a hard task
It marches through the storm like join me or fall back
I won’t dodge the draft, man I’m down to follow
Ride the high tides stead of drown in sorrow
A pill that I ain’t too proud to swallow
For a richer joy today and a crown tomorrow

And so… what guarantee can tomorrow give me today?
None besides the promise that God’ll give me the grace
sufficient for opposition and drama I’m finna face
Ears hearkened to my calling, I’m charging into the fray
Track Name: Gonna Be ft. Ebony Bones
It’s gonna be a brighter day
I’ma start yielding to my neighbours
And givin’ haters the right of way
Let kindness guide em to see the light of day
Let a little love ripple until it’s big as a tidal wave

It’s gonna be a brighter day
Let me see you yield to a neighbour
And give a hater the right of way
So we could be the change that we really need
One thread woven together tighter than skinny jeans

I don’t need drama and you don’t need either
Last thing I’m doin is living to be a people pleaser
I just keep the peace in all my comings and goings
They doubt the power of grace, why not humbly show em?
Show em what? - Unmerited mercy when it ain’t deserved
Someone purposely getting up on my case and nerves
I’ma trade that dude a blessing for his racial slurs
And if my truce gets refused, at least I laid the first
Brick in the foundation / Don’t sit around waitin
Just make a step towards reconciliation
And let the evil of another brother be exposed
By taking the peaceful road, you probably gon’ leave em froze
Picture a school bully pickin on a smaller dude
Every day at lunch time, stealing all his food
Little guy goes home like, here’s what I’ma do
Make an extra sandwich for that violent fool
So he arrive at school, like here’s a meal and a seat, man
I ain’t got no fright, hard feelings or deceit, man
You could eat lunch, chill out, end the beef fam
Or throw a punch, but you’re the one that’s lookin weak - dang
Like the kid I’m stayin steadfast
Plus I make amends with anyone against which I’ve trespassed
Let that guide all your conduct in conflict
Even though I know a lot of y’all think it’s nonsense
To turn a cheek when you’re slapped in the face
And strike em - not with your hand but with radical grace
That’s the type of mercy I invite you to
And homie, it’s worth it as long as it change a life or two


Yup, if anything, we’ve gotta honour the memories
Of Martin Luther King and his many dreams
By any means necessary
And as for me?
I’m just trying to do the things that will best prepare me
To forgive, for they know not what they do to me
I don’t take it personal - it’s usually bafoonery
I just keep it movin’, B
Ain’t nobody got the time for somebody with a gun
Tryin’ to shoot at me
So if a dude is acting ugly
I turn the other cheek like I’m doin’ the Dougie
Invite him to my workshop - you and a buddy
Free admission - I could make a difference if he would listen
And I don’t see the opposition - I see a vision
Unified mankind and minds reconditioned
I woke up on the right side of the bed so I can encourage the living and enliven the dead



We stand firm as a rock, some lanterns in the dark
If love is the key, we’re God’s hand, turnin’ the lock
Defend the peace, not our own egos
I’d rather hit my offender with a hug than a torpedo

Of course, we know if we want to combat the forces of evil
We gotta spread the truth to more people
And it’s a matter of life and death
But there’s more people fightin’ for peace than you might suspect

Right to left, we marchin’ into a warzone,
Swords drawn, swingin’ at hate, and before long
We’re gonna see it fall / If only we could all heed the call
Imagine the world we could see t‘morrow

Imagine how far we could evolve
The world problems we could solve if we all tried to be involved
Now show me your palms if y’all would agree
That we gotta be the change that we all wanna see
Track Name: Wonderment
Whatever happened to the wonderment
We used to have, just climbing trees for the fun of it
Watching full of awe at the peak of every evening
When the sun would set
And to the soul, nothin’ was more comfortin’ than colourin’
Before the stress of paying taxes to the government
Before we cared who’s democrat and who’s republican
Lunch money was the only cash that we were budgeting
And we could have a scrap and still go back to being buds again
The same day on the jungle gym
Crazy how the way we would relate
was on the basis of a covenant
Instead of holding grudges after one offence
Today, I hunger for the courage I could muster when
I was a 4-foot stubborn kid, thinkin’ I could touch the rim
Jump and grin, thinking to myself, “Just another inch”
Well now I’ve gained 24 of ‘em
Dudes grown but he’s still the same at the core of him

What ever happened to the joy, simplicity
The play, the freedom, the wonder of the mystery
You feel me? As immature as it seems
I’m just a man living out all these childhood dreams

Since I came of age, I’ve had to put the childish games away
Stakes are raised - I aim to stay focused on my day to day grind
In a wiser purpose-driven and patient way
Wait and pray before I haste to chase the things I crave today
I hate to say, but as we come upon that later phase
And slave away to maybe gain a raise in pay
I see a lot of bloated egos and deflated faith
Broken people who won’t admit that they make mistakes
If you catch a brother faking for the sake of praise
Please remind me I’m covered under amazing grace
The safest place to embrace the gift of creative play
And ask the questions I’d normally be afraid to raise
Attributes I pray to convey when I blaze the stage
Even though my childhood is behind me, in the words of Paul
I’ve come to see, just because our stage has changed
Doesn’t mean suddenly wonderment gets the curtain call

Track Name: Labour Pains
All creation is groanin for transformation
Somethings missing or broken we know it but cant explain it
Ignore it, control it, cure it,
Just medicate with diplomacy, education, yoga and meditation
We hope for regeneration of shattered lives.
it’s a lot of strife, broken homes and battered wives
Seen too many sights on this globe I’m saddened by
Tell me what’s the price for our souls to be satisfied
We mad deprived of love, joy, peace, and purity
Building castles with sand or with heaps of currency
These palaces of paper got weak security
Collapsing with the weight of pride that creeps internally
Will I reach eternity with the same old baggage?
I pray just to manage but this frame I inhabit
Never change, just a savage and a slave to its habits
I’m hoping for better days while embracing madness

Tired of living in this world gone bad
Tryin’ to resist but the curse won’t pass
Father, how long is this hurt gon’ last?
I’m sick of these labour pains

I am less than perfect, a broken manifestation
A sinner covered in crimson, just hoping for sanitation
Groped by the hands of satan, mistakin’ it for affection
Allured by lust, slander, and gettin’ vengeance
A slave to what I crave, I just call ‘em inherent needs
Errantly thinking that satisfaction is guaranteed
There beneath the surface of what appears to be
A very sweet offer but clearly leads to despair and grief
Yet I dare repeat these careless deeds that are tearing deep
And ensnaring me, my spirit’s weaker than flesh
And Lord, the enemy’s tryin’ to bury me in regret
For a record most surely unworthy of your respect
All sin bears a cost, deservedly it is death
But you still deliver sinners in 30 minutes or less
I’m safe in your hands, not budging until you’re done
Chiselling me, into the imagery of your Son

I’m in it for the long haul
Got a distance left, but I walk tall
Won’t hit reject when my God calls
I been rebellin, misdirected, but my sin’s been left at the cross y’all
Am I lost cause? Listen, I’m the farthest thing
Christ’s price check says one life’s worth a martyred king
And he bought us fair and square when he gave his life
By the Father, we’re declared as heirs with the saviour Christ
Dared to bear the burden of the pain and plight
Never take a hike, just take heed and take heart, ‘cause the weight is light
When compared to the glorious revelation
Of total emancipation from brokenness and enslavement
We groaning and yeah we aching
But no we’re never forsaken
The more we weather the storm then the more we anticipatin’
The coming of the King who brings wholeness and reparation
He’ll summon all his kin to his courts for a celebration
We’ll come under his wing in worship and adoration
And He’ll topple over sin
Like a stone in the hands of David.

Tired of living in this world gone bad
Tryin’ to resist but the curse won’t pass
Father, I know you can reverse my past
I’m done with these labour pains
Track Name: Heavy (Interlude)
[Grandma Speaks]
Settle down in the morning light
And I’m feeling heavy…
Track Name: Now Is The Time ft. Jordon Veira
When you gon try?
When you gon’ move? When you gon’ grind?
When you gon’ live? When you gon’ thrive?
When you gon’ give? When you gon’ rise?
Now is the time

This moment will never come again
This the last time that you’re gonna hear this for the first time.
You can’t reverse time, only let it take its course
Wasting more of it is a luxury you can’t afford
What you waiting for? Every moment you allow to pass
Is another grain that falls through the hourglass
Another seed that could’ve been planted
For your own benefit and the good of the planet
Tell me what good is a talent if it ain’t practiced y’all
Now is the chance to act, it’s a casting call
For the folks who prone to groan and complain
Puttin off your great potential til you’re old and you’re grey
When you know you could change
Right now, we steady molding the clay
Might sound intimidating but this moment today
Is the hinge upon which the globe’s hope will be framed
I pray you’re bold enough to know to never throw it away


I was once told, You’ve got no reason to be stressed
Waitin on a harvest / you ain’t even plant the seeds yet
Words I heard but couldn’t fully receive yet
Heart had a whole host of idols - no Seacrest
Requests out of my comfort zone I would reject
On a diving board afraid of getting my feet wet
God’s garments? I’d settle for my rags
When life gave lemons, I would let em go bad
A stubborn young’n never grasped opportunities
When they came a knockin, I would pass on them foolishly
Now who would think the clueless teen I used to be
Would soon recruit you to a team of super humans who pursue their dreams
We don’t just snooze in the illusory but make it real
Faith and zeal have taken the place of lazing and chasing thrills
If you listenin, here’s my great appeal
Let this song be your comfort zone evacuation drill


I lost wait in the patience of time
Found it again after watching my wrist move so fast
that is was clocked at 60 moments per hour
Yet still it came in second after my mind
who recklessly danced in a momento to the tempo that
tick-tock’d in my temple
The world keeps turning like a wrist-watch
The world keeps earning, time in and time out
Time out in time, the clock is yearning to eat the second place race Tick-tock
Hickory dickory dock
Quick doc, prescribe me something for my tic
the world, it spins and we have not the right to stop it
But we do have what’s left
What’s up with the people who are down, down to nothing Grounds do nothing to hold the feet of hounds when hunting – they’re running
And those of us concerned with changing minds
Do so between the seconds on the clock, minding time
Pennies on the dollar
But we continue to move, to evolve
Because now is the time
Now is the time
The time is now
The time is always now
Now is the time.
Track Name: Feel The Flame ft. Dru Bex
Peep game, no courtside seats
You could feel the heat blaze through these words I speak
Your boy rides beats, not to glorify me
But the Lord that’s enthroned on the most high seat
He’s the pilot - light that sustains me
His glory shines vibrant, even though I’m shady
How could I be silent, knowing that he’s changed me
I’m battling with pride when I’m hearing people praise me that’s crazy
I’ll step aside - show the source clearer
The real origin resides in the flame - I’m just a torchbearer
Liftin’ Him up, run the course that I’m called to
And haulin’ all my gifts to lay ‘em down at the altar
I am the firewood, Jesus the fire-starter
Holy Spirit the blaze, I’m steadily gettin’ hotter
Bringin’ the Father honour is my purpose and aim
Worship His name first, never swerve from my lane


You might see us pullin’ out the heat from a backpack
Or from underneath a board or a snap-back
We been the ones with the fire - can’t burn us
We survivors of the furnace
Meshach, Abednego, and Shadrach
Came out with the fire in my bones like Jeremiah
Don’t look like Ghost Rider
Leave fire on tracks
But I’m not the hotness on my own
God is sovereign on the throne
Saw it fit to set fire to my match
The reason why I do this ain’t acquiring the cash
The motive for the music’s more inspiring than that
My goal is just to use it,
Just to show you what the truth is
And my hope is that you choose it
‘Cause the God who rules the map chose you to listen
I don’t know if you a Christian
But it’s no coincidence that you exposed to this rhythm
This is more than religion - this is hope ‘cause He’s risen
This that old school spittin’
Straight fire like that


His kingship never to be entinguished
Try to fly in the face of his greatness
And get your wings clipped
I wouldn’t fare no better
That’s why the Lord’s grace I’ll declare forever
I was complicit and hypocritical - lukewarm
Got a new begininnin’
I’m feelin’ fresh as a newborn
Just like fire refines gold,
His love purifies the desires of my soul
So I’ma spread it ‘til they charge me with arson
Supplyin’ the fire like Lockheed and Martin
He’s to blame if you see a change
Free from the traps of my past,
I’m waving, saying “aufedersein”
My goals rearranged - In my soul, freedom rings
I won’t be a slave to the world if it means my grave
Refuse to keep it tame,
Preaching Jesus’ name over beats that bang
Take these two cents - and keep the change
Track Name: By My Side ft. Scribe
Were you to clone me nine hundred and ninety nine times
And work us to the bone having each of us write rhymes
I’ll make it known even if we all lived out full lives
Thousands of pages for Rock of Ages ain’t enough lines
To sing your praises Father, when people ask why bother
I try to tell them how my Abba turned disgrace to honour
Alicia taught me Karma, that cut me like katanas
But You saved me with Your blood, and ended all the drama
I cut the act of perfection and You reset the mark
You’re my director, through scenes where I feel in the dark
When I’m depressed, and I feel myself falling apart
You fill my heart like a shopping cart I don’t need a spark
Lord! All I need is You!
I have a knack speaking honest but not living true
But You’re faithful always, all days, no phase
Or a single turning shadow can be found in You
You constantly amaze me, everyday that you wake me
How You work on my behalf even on the days that I’m lazy
How You love me on the days where I step out of line crazy Dumping back a bottle and making my vision hazy
Your eternal light shines restoring sight to the blind
Your Word a love letter, this verse a response in kind
You hold me down from the skies, before, below and behind
God no matter where I go, I know You’re right by my side

The highs and the lows and the space in-between
The start to the end, I have tasted and seen
Your goodness at work, your grace intervene
I look to you first, all praise to the King who is by my side

Yo I thank God that His hand never leaves me
Footsteps guided by a plan that precedes me
Dang, it ain’t easy to trust in His plan still
Strugglin overcomin’ the stubbornness of a man’s will
But I can’t build if he’s not my foundation
All around solid ground, rock, and salvation
Even in my sorrow I’ma holla out praises
You the one I follow though they call it outrageous
My gracious, awesome, patient,
Flawless, ageless, sovereign Saviour
Maker, and friend, I’ma praise til my pen’s dry
Thankful to Him for the grace that I’m cleansed by
So much mistakes on my slate - you came and erased it though
I’m makin’ the case that your grace is so inescapable
God, I’m ever grateful your faithful when I’m unstable
Sustaining me when I’m frail -
I’m safe with the one who’s capable
To move mountains and part seas
His thoughts of you are numerous as countin the stars He’s..
Always in arms reach when I seek for a caring hand
I was but a lost sheep in a barren land
Making poor decisions that prolong my pain
Pray for your forgiveness then go wrong again
It’s so hard to change - you’ve thrown off the chains
Knowing you’ll never leave is a load off the brain

Track Name: Only Hope
I hope my message doesn’t fade with the music
See, for me this ain’t a game for amusement
Naw, my aim is a movement towards finding bliss
Extend a helping hand - no iron fist
True life soldiers are what I enlist
Simple guys who sympathize
And my eye is fixed on my destination
Them dark clouds are thick but I’m meant to face ‘em
Prayer and poetry will be both my umbrella and my restoration
Thankful for the gift that I’m blessed with patience
See, the fruits of my efforts don’t grow on trees
If I refuse to follow through, then so long dreams
My soul wants ease but yet it also wants to see results
I guess finding that balance is just part of being adults
It’s hard work - feeling like I’ll grind my body to a pulp
I wonder, will the guidance of my father be enough
When the honesty and trust in this world is at a minimum?
We hate our neighbours with words that belittle them
Instead of passing down blessings and life lessons
It’s our pain and our problems that we hurl at the little ones
And it’s far too heavy to catch
And it’s far too heavy to catch
We leave ‘em open to the enemy’s wrath and deadly attacks
And when their spirit’s broken, how we remedy that?
Most of us never react
We stay too.. severed, detached from the world by how selfish we act
Seeking our own gain
Reaching our goals, aims, dough, fame, gold chains
I’m thinking that the whole thing’s backwards
Quit thinking ‘bout “what’s in it for me”
I’m thinking ‘bout a man who was committed to be
Executed innocently and did it for free
Claiming the cost of even those who didn’t believe
And that’s the person that I wanna display
Living selflessly and helpin’ see an age of change upon us today
‘Cause look, the current damage is not beyond fixable
These vital signs are not beyond critical
And these fire rhymes are hot beyond trivial talk
We on a spiritual walk - these songs pivotal
For raising consciousness, to gain responsiveness, faith and confidence
That this message will not fade with the music

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