by Orijin

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Repercussion n.) the recoil of something after impact; an echo or reverberation

Rhythm is everything. As an emcee, few things are more satisfying than formulating syllables to dance in time with every drum hit. As a Christ follower, my deepest fulfillment is found when I live in sync with the rhythm of God’s peace, love, and joy. I pray that you would too.


released April 22, 2016

All tracks produced by Jeremy Rodney-Hall except for “Chill Out” (produced by Jon Corbin) and “To Live Earnestly” (produced by Matt Luu). All tracks mixed and mastered by Adam Pondang of LSTNFND Music.


all rights reserved



LSTNFND Music Toronto, Ontario

LSTNFND Music (“Lost and Found”) is a Toronto-based urban record label.

We are former lost ones who were found by Christ. Now, we’re on a mission to spread the Good News through our music and lifestyle.

LSTNFND is the home of Jeremy Rodney-Hall, Orijin and Mark Durksen.
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Track Name: Enough (ft. Hector Silva)

[Verse 1: Orijin]
Too old for fun and games, too young for credibility/
They either say I'm wise beyond years, or else consider me immature/
And irresponsible - how do I prove ‘em wrong it's/
Tempting to boast in the things you’ve got and what you've accomplished

Viewing all this news up on my live feed/
Parents and PhDs from friends I once knew as the naive, shy dweebs/
They’re buying homes, stackin G's up/
I'm just funnelling monthly funds to OSAP and Visa/

I know that I seem to be prone to believe the/
Lie that I’ve gotta have it made to grow as a leader/
Or to be effective and earn respect in my job and ministry/
I'm tryin’ to drop the facade and have a heart of humility/

The God who lives in me.. is greater than criteria/
We use to measure success and I'm weary of/
His words that “your works ain't what matter me"/
But still I wrestle with these thoughts of my inadequacy/
It goes on...

[Hook: Hector and Orijin]
I’m enough for Him
But is He enough for me?

[Verse 2: Hector]
Constantly feeling like I don’t have enough/
Viewing a few to answer the cue on how I’m stacking up is bad enough/
All before I start to pile on/
The times that I dropped the ball, when I could’ve been righting wrongs/

I wrestle with the place I’m in and the grace He sends/
When I’m asking questions like, “God why can’t you make me him?”/
The one who has is all together, right?/
Why do I have to crawl and others get to fly?

But then He reminds me.. of every sentence in the/
Good book that says He’s there in the trenches with me/
So I can’t fall for how He loves, it seems/
If I’m enough for Him then I should be enough for me, right?

But do I love myself adequately?/
With all my inadequacies, I just have to believe/
That there’s a reason for the muck and a place for all the pain/
I get to meet Him in the struggle - call the Saviour by His name/
And it’s a beautiful thing...

[Hook: Hector and Orijin]
I’m enough for Him
But is He enough for me?
Track Name: Can't Go Wrong
I'm in a place where.. my motivation is wavering
This ain't fair.. there's no escape from this cage I'm in
I lay cares down in the most sacred of spaces were ink embraces the pages
Layers of fakeness are laid bare

But lately I'm my greatest naysayer
Like, you played out, same style, same sound, same undertone
Son, you've grown stubborn in your comfort zone
Something’s wrong when the writing process has got you feeling so uncomposed

With self doubt, I'm goin’ toe-to-toe
Not enough to put down on a pad; I ain't talkin bout a mortgage though
Writer’s block shattering the walls to my glass house
Revealing some deeply seated weaknesses to cast out

My ego creeping at the backdoor
Claiming I'm the source of inspiration and the cash flow
Humbling when both are coming mad slow
Trusting Him who knows my needs better than Maslow
Wherever the path goes…

I’ve been running on my steam for way too long
But I’m reaching the point where I can’t go on
So Lord, won’t you lead me? I don’t it won’t be easy
But with you I can’t go wrong

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