Enough (ft. Hector Silva)

from by Orijin

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Official Music Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pn8-WcJghlw

Filmed in the Junction district in West Toronto, “Enough” features a visual backdrop of Joel Richardson’s iconic mural depicting the facelessness of global capitalism. However, the song delves into a deeper topic: what is our definition of “enough”?

“Enough shares my ongoing battle of defining what “enough” means in my life. I think we all face pressure to perform and measure up to a certain status in life. Without even realizing it, we can start depending on our bank accounts and Linkedin profiles to prove to the world that we’re worth something. I wanted to express the tension of navigating a world driven by wealth and prestige while believing that in God’s eyes, I am already enough.” said Orijin.



[Verse 1: Orijin]
Too old for fun and games, too young for credibility/
They either say I'm wise beyond years, or else consider me immature/
And irresponsible - how do I prove ‘em wrong it's/
Tempting to boast in the things you’ve got and what you've accomplished

Viewing all this news up on my live feed/
Parents and PhDs from friends I once knew as the naive, shy dweebs/
They’re buying homes, stackin G's up/
I'm just funnelling monthly funds to OSAP and Visa/

I know that I seem to be prone to believe the/
Lie that I’ve gotta have it made to grow as a leader/
Or to be effective and earn respect in my job and ministry/
I'm tryin’ to drop the facade and have a heart of humility/

The God who lives in me.. is greater than criteria/
We use to measure success and I'm weary of/
His words that “your works ain't what matter me"/
But still I wrestle with these thoughts of my inadequacy/
It goes on...

[Hook: Hector and Orijin]
I’m enough for Him
But is He enough for me?

[Verse 2: Hector]
Constantly feeling like I don’t have enough/
Viewing a few to answer the cue on how I’m stacking up is bad enough/
All before I start to pile on/
The times that I dropped the ball, when I could’ve been righting wrongs/

I wrestle with the place I’m in and the grace He sends/
When I’m asking questions like, “God why can’t you make me him?”/
The one who has is all together, right?/
Why do I have to crawl and others get to fly?

But then He reminds me.. of every sentence in the/
Good book that says He’s there in the trenches with me/
So I can’t fall for how He loves, it seems/
If I’m enough for Him then I should be enough for me, right?

But do I love myself adequately?/
With all my inadequacies, I just have to believe/
That there’s a reason for the muck and a place for all the pain/
I get to meet Him in the struggle - call the Saviour by His name/
And it’s a beautiful thing...

[Hook: Hector and Orijin]
I’m enough for Him
But is He enough for me?


from Re​:​Percussions, released April 22, 2016
Featuring Hector Silva. Produced by Jeremy Rodney-Hall.



all rights reserved


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